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In 2015, LBG Canada companies employed more than 341,563 people, in Canada and abroad.


LoyaltyOne - Thinking 'Impact' enabled focus on marginalized youth and deeper relationships with community partners

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LBG Canada is a network of professionals guiding social investment, corporate social responsibility and community engagement programs on behalf of Canada’s leading companies.

“LBG Canada has really contributed to our community investment program, by providing us with a framework to calculate our impact in community.” 

- LBG Canada Company

LBG Canada companies ask:

  1. Is our community approach effective?
  2. Are we choosing the right partners?
  3. What impact can we link to our work?

The LBG Canada program offers a series of resources for community investment teams with a results-based orientation.  Involvement dramatically improves both internal and external reporting by enabling measurement and more compelling stories of impact. 

LBG Canada Program

Focus on Results Management Effectiveness Peer Learning Achieving Impact