Fast Fact

In fiscal 2015, employees contributed $53.6M through employee giving programs.


LoyaltyOne - Thinking 'Impact' enabled focus on marginalized youth and deeper relationships with community partners

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Tools & Resources

The LBG Model is the recognized global standard for managing, measuring and reporting community investment.

All LBG Canada companies receive 1-on-1 coaching to assess strengths and weaknesses of their portfolio to prioritize specific projects, in order to help companies drive their community investment best practices forward, tell a better story and ACHIEVE measurable results.

Clarity on overall portfolio results brings forward opportunities to strengthen community partnerships and demonstrate measurable impact for the business and society. Once the overall portfolio has been assessed, LBG Canada companies use a seven-step approach to outline, investigate and maximise priority projects. This is the value of performance measurement – aligning both expectations and results to achieve maximum possible benefit for the community and for the business.

A brief overview of the Seven Step Approach to Performance Measurement is below. If you would like to print a pdf of this one page summary, you may do so here.