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Every community investment has an LBG motivation. Clear motivations inform impact measurement.


LoyaltyOne - Thinking 'Impact' enabled focus on marginalized youth and deeper relationships with community partners

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Avoiding Silos

A great community impact strategy creates options for story-telling. 

The LBG Model assists investors to see beyond typical thematic boundaries in order to express the importance of impact achieved from a variety of different perspectives. 

One perspective might focus on organizations more equipped to deliver results.  Another might focus on people, impacts that improve quality of life through health, education or environmental change.

Effective reporting connects with a variety of audiences. Their interests are distinct.  The LBG approach to impact will help to TELL A BETTER STORY

By sharing the vision of the framework with our companies and asking community partners to envision how they can be a part of it, we can have a much greater impact.

Community Impact