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The LBG Model is used by companies operating in 171 countries around the world.


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LBG Model

The LBG Model is the recognized global standard for managing, measuring and reporting community investment.

“Never before have corporations and companies been under such constant 24/7 spotlight, the expectations of stakeholders have never been higher.  The LBG Model has never been so salient.” 

- LBG Canada Company 

The Model is a simple, comprehensive and consistent framework to capture the value of investment in community, and then to link that investment to impact.

The Model includes: cash, volunteer time, in-kind donations and program management costs as corporate investment.

In addition, an impact measurement framework is embedded at the core of the Model to capture outputs and longer-term impacts on community and society.

In Canada, the most effective way to access the LBG Model is to join the LBG Canada Network.


Adapted from Corporate CitizenshipTM

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