Fast Fact

73% of LBG Canada companies use their LBG Canada data to report externally to the DJSI, GRI, and/or Imagine Canada.


LoyaltyOne - Thinking 'Impact' enabled focus on marginalized youth and deeper relationships with community partners

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External Reporting

Your approach to social investment is an expression of corporate culture and social responsibility.

Increasingly, sustainability indices and reporting standards seek information on social impact. These indices and standards are seeking two categories of information:

  1. about social impacts that directly result from business operations; and 
  2. about social impacts that occur as a result of voluntary actions.

Examples of impacts in the first category include the impact of product use on customers, diversity across the workforce, and the impact of operations on communities surrounding the business. 

Impacts within the second category include the impact of voluntary contributions to community, of employee volunteer and giving programs and from encouraging customers and other stakeholders to participate. 

Participating in LBG Canada will improve how your company reports on the total value and social impact of voluntary contributions.  For those at the beginning stages of social reporting, the LBG Model offers a framework to structure reporting on all aspects of social impact.  



Below are two examples of external reporting done by LBG Canada companies, both of which report to the DJSI.


For the second year in a row, LBG Canada company, TransCanada, received the Gold Class award for excellent sustainability performance from RobecoSam, the global investment firm known for its connection to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.